BIOmass for the market competitive and environmentally friendly SYNthesis of bio-products together with the production of secondary enERGY carriers through the biorefinery approach.

 Brochure presenting the results of the Integrated Project BIOSYNERGY now available.
The brochure presents an overview of the main achievements and highlights of the technology development and design activities from the project as well as conclusions and perspectives towards future development. The brochure can be downloaded here.

 Public report on use and dissemination of knowledge available.
To promote follow up development and commercialization of the project results this report presents a description of the 26 areas of exploitable technological knowledge developed in the project, including contact details of the involved partners for interested parties. Furthermore the document contains an overview of the main public dissemination items per November 2011. The document can be downloaded here.


The need for renewable energy sources is rapidly growing in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to enhance the security of supply. Biomass is a versatile and abundant resource that can fulfill a substantial share of this growing demand. The BIOSYNERGY project aims to use BIOmass for SYNthesis processes (transportation fuels, platform chemicals) and enERGY production (power, CHP) by application of innovative, fully integrated, synergetic biorefinery concepts, using advanced fractionation and conversion processes, and combining biochemical and thermochemical pathways.

more about the BIOSYNERGY Project

WORKSHOP: Development of multi-product lignocellulose biorefinery technology with focus on residues (pentoses, lignin) from cellulose ethanol production - Results of the Integrated Project BIOSYNERGY.
The workshop was held on Wednesday, November 17th 2010 in Reims France. The report and the presentations can be downloaded here.

Biorefinery Video presentation.
The presentation (10 minutes) highlights the perspectives of biorefinery for the production of fuels, chemicals, electricity and heat from biomass. Topics covered include: the opportunities and challenges for biomass, biomass processing and biomass derived products, optimal use of biomass through biorefinery, development of  cost-competitive biorefinery concepts and the challenges ahead. The presentation also highlights the approach in the Integrated Project BIOSYNERGY, which aims at the development of integral cellulose-ethanol based biorefinery technology. A storyboard pdf of the video presentation can be downloaded here.