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Brochure presenting the results of the Integrated Project BIOSYNERGY now available.

The brochure presents an overview of the main achievements and highlights of the technology development and design activities from the project as well as conclusions and perspectives towards future development. The brochure can be downloaded here.

WORKSHOP: Development of multi-product lignocellulose biorefinery technology with focus on residues (pentoses, lignin) from cellulose ethanol production - Results of the Integrated Project BIOSYNERGY.

The workshop was held on Wednesday, November 17th 2010 in Reims France.
- D-8-1-3-BIOSYNERGY-final-WS-report-Reims.pdf
- Introduction J.H.Reith
- WP1-Advanced Physical, chemical fractionation R.Bakker
- WP2-Innovative thermochemical conversion Wild
- WP3-Advanced Biochemical Conversion F.Monot
- WP4-Innovative_chemical_conversion_and_synthesis_B.Estrine
- WP5-Conceptual design of an Integrated Biorefinery R.Capote
- WP6-Process chain design K.Chong
- Conclusions J.H.Reith

Workshop: Technical, economic and environmental projections of biorefinery processes
Thursday, 6 May 2010 (12:50 - 18:10), Lyon, France.


Biorefinery Course: “ADDING VALUE TO THE SUSTAINABLE UTILISATION OF BIOMASS”, co-funded by the FP6 Integrated project BIOSYNERGY and the IEA Task 42 Biorefineries.

- Presentations
- Training course Dissemination document

International Workshop on Biorefinery

- Presentations and report


- Presentations and report

Advanced Biorefinery Concepts: A Feasibility and Reality Check.

Proceedings of the BIOSYNERGY Enlargement and Integration Workshop, 17-18 April 2008, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy, Petten, the Netherlands
- BIOSYNERGY E&I Workshop Proceedings 2008.pdf
- BIOSYNERGY E&I Workshop Slides 2008.pdf


Biosynergy brochure


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Reith et al (2008). Development of integrated lignocelluloses biorefinery for co-production of chemicals, transportation fuels, electricity and heat.

Mattinen et al (2008). Polymerization of different lignins by laccase.

Huijgen et al (2008). Modified organosolv as a fractionation process of lignocellulosic biomass for co-production of fuels and chemicals.

Mattinen et al, 2009_Modification of Lignans by TH Laccase_BioRes 4(2), 482-496

Papadopoulou, E. et al. The Challenge of Bioadhesives_9th Pacific Rim Symp, 5-8 Nov. 2008, Rotorua, NZ